Nurture Pad Testimonials & Praise

"A Wonderful Nurse"

"Jen I am so grateful that we find you!! Your sensitive approach, positive comments and reassurance was exactly what we needed. I love how gentle and loving you were with my baby. Your observations and advice are very helpful for me and gave me confidence that what I am doing it right for me and my family. I am now really enjoying the precious time with my little one and the motherhood as a whole" (Parent)

"Sensitive, Supportive and Amazing Hypnobirthing Teacher"

"Thank you so much Jen for all the love and support you showed my family and also for the trust and confidence you gave me.  You really helped me to have the birth that I wanted which was so different to my first.  Your belief that I could remain in control and focused and the way you helped me understand my own body was invaluable. We now have the perfect family and lots of good things to look back on. Thank you"  (Parent)

"You are reaching so many people and your sensitivity to parents needs is amazing"

“I often think of you and will be always grateful to you that you reminded me to trust my own feelings and intuition…I am absolutely loving the time with my little one and enjoying every minute of it”  (Parent)

"We loved it and I loved spending time with baby so relaxed!" (Parent)

 "Wow Jen! Thank you for your lovely and informative email. Thank you also for coming to help out. It was amazing to get a couple of nights off mummy duty and get some rest. I wish you were still here!!"  (Parent)

"Thank you for everything and going beyond what was asked, spending so much time and caring so much"

"Thank you so much for your comprehensive email and also for your lovely company on Wednesday (day and night!)…I really enjoyed having you with us!" (Parent)

More of the Good Stuff!

"Was wonderful to meet you and we've learned lots already"

" Thanks so much Jen. We loved it and I loved spending time with Ralph so relaxed! He fell straight off to sleep..."x  (Parent)

"Thank you very much for fab lesson" (Parent)

"Loving my time with the group, everyone is amazing" (Parent)

"Thanks Jen, It was a lovely session, very relaxing" (Parent)

"Feeling so much more confident now and not worried about labour at all now" (Parent)

"I love being a mummy thanks to you!"

"I really enjoyed the massage sessions with Jen. We started them when my baby was 7 weeks & he has really benefited from what we learnt. Because my baby was so young I was worried about him 'kicking off' in the session but Jen's layed back approach made us feel very relaxed. He loves his massages which we do daily! Thanks Jen". (Parent)

We have loved the baby massage sessions I’ve found it really relaxing and very useful at home...

"Thank you Jen for a lovely experience at baby massage. Your relaxed and gentle approach along with a fantastic venue made it just perfect" ((Parent)

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