Antenatal Relaxation and Mindfulness Classes & Workshop's

Mindfulness & Relaxation in Pregnancy


Wanting to Bond with Baby Now and Learn the Skills of Relaxation?

It is never to early to bond with your baby. These weekly Antenatal Relaxation & Mindfulness classes teach you the amazing skills and proven techniques for a healthy, loving and nurturing relationship with baby in pregnancy. 

This NEW evening class shows you HOW to relax for pregnancy, birth and parenting and is so much-more than relaxation. Visualisation, breathing & relaxation techniques and mindfulness have proven long-term, and short-term physical and psychological health benefits for you and baby.

Learning skills of Mindfulness and Relaxation in pregnancy, are key to optimal mental, and emotional, wellness. Evidence-based research, and practice, have demonstrated huge benefits for both mum and baby with positive short-term, and long-term, developmental outcomes. Mum's-to-be who have regularly practiced Mindful Meditation and Relaxation, are less likely to develop Postnatal Depression and have fewer health problems during and after pregnancy. Research has also shown, baby's psychological and emotional development is supported, resulting in a happier and more settled baby. Incredibly, long-term, positive impacts are shown in every area of baby's development, to include cognitive, social, emotional and physical development.

The skills of Mindful Meditation continue to have beneficial outcomes in the early days of parenting, promoting sleep and breastfeeding, and an overall more perceived positive experience. Have more Halcyon Days in pregnancy, and for years to come.


Antenatal Relaxation & Mindfulness Classes

Mindful Practice & Relaxation

The Halcyon weekly relaxation, visualisations and mindfulness classes, provide mum's-to-be, the opportunity to relax, connect with baby and meet other soon-to-be mum's.  

Suitable from early pregnancy onwards, these weekly sessions are the perfect chance to unwind and learn the skills of relaxation.  Now widely recognised as an essential element of positive mental wellness, the ability to be able to mindfully relax will prove useful for year's to come.

Mindful practice and relaxation techniques in pregnancy, teaches the skills of body awareness, and emotional regulation. Over time, these skills can be developed and used as a positive, responsive parenting strategy

Benefits of Mindfulness & Relaxation

Mindful practice and the skills of relaxation benefit both Mum and Baby in pregnancy and beyond

Mindfulness teaches the ability to be consciously aware of feelings, thoughts and body sensations in the moment, and accepting them. A range of research has shown benefits in terms of:

  • Reduction in developing Prenatal and Post-natal Depression
  • Reduces the risk of Depression Relapse
  • Reducing anxiety and worry associated with childbirth
  • Reduces pain during pregnancy and birth
  • Helps overcome sleeping difficulties
  • Promoting bonding with baby, responsive parenting and parent-child interactions
  • A more settled, and calm baby
  • Babies overall development
  • Learning to accept, value and acknowledge the challenges of parenting

Structure & Cost

Antenatal Relaxation & Mindfulness Classes with Halcyon Hypnobirthing.

As a qualified Hypnobirthing Teacher, Antenatal Educator, Massage Therapist and Holistic Therapist, these weekly classes are Holistic and provide you with some perfect bonding time with baby, and help you prepare for birth.  Timetables for an early Friday evening, they are the perfect way to switch-off from your busy week, and embrace the weekend.

Not only do these weekly classes help you to grow your network of support, these sessions allow you time to reflect and connect with baby. Each session gives you the opportunity to practice:

Simple, and basic stretching, using basic Yoga and Acupressure techniques:

  • Mindfulness for pregnancy, birth and parenting
  • Relaxation for pregnancy, birth and parenting
  • Breath and Body Awareness for pregnancy, birth and parenting
  • An introduction to Early Musical Development in pregnancy through weekly relaxation

Every Friday evening: 7.00 pm - 8.00 p.m.

Group cost:  £6.50 per session (Please book online)

1:1 Relaxation Coaching in your own home.  £20.00 per hour.  Please email me for details.

Weekly Antentatal Relxation Classess

Weekly relaxation and Mindfulness at The Hub in Hutton Rudby, TS15 0DA

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