KG Hypnobirthing. Love Letters for Hypnobirthing.

Cindy and Chris

“Chris and I wanted to say thank you for taking us on the journey toward a birth experience we can share with a smile.

We had our baby girl 6 days ago ... an unplanned homebirth because I hadn't realised how far I'd progressed because I was coping so well. So calm an experience it had been, that our baby girl was actually born with her waterbag still intact and a 10/10 APGAR rating! I got to cuddle her as soon as she was born and the umbilical cord pulsed for a good 20 minutes between us.

She is our second child, after our son was born by emergency c-section. It was my birth experience with him which made me try hypnobirthing, as I remained completely traumatized from the numerous interventions and ultimate surgery. I actually cried to learn I was pregnant again, solely thinking about the disappointment I felt last time and how scared I was that I couldn't do any better.

The number of medical visits I had during this pregnancy exacerbated my guilt, weakness, and all those negative residual feelings and fears I carried. It also didn't help much that due to already having a toddler, and opposite work schedules, it was difficult for my husband and I to find time to do the relaxations together.

But we persevered with 1am relaxations together and lots and lots of replaying 'statements for an empowering birth'. In spite of all those hang-ups I felt burdened with after the experience with my son, amazingly I remained sooo confident during our daughter's birth. I took a nice hour long nap during labour, and carried on with my day even managing to play football with my son less than 3 hours before his sister was born!

I've attached a picture taken about 5 minutes after the birth because my expression tells just how strongly I felt ... how strongly I still feel...

I had this amazing confidence I never expected to have... and then.. I did it!!: a drug free VBAC!

I gave my baby what I know to be the best start possible in life.

Thank you for helping me have my healing birth.

Cindy (Parent)

A Magical Homebirth

Love Letters for Hypnobirthing. "Hi, my name is Carol and I am a mum of two a 4-year old girl called Lily and a brand new 5-week-old son called Samuel. When I found out I was expecting my son I was quite frankly terrified of giving birth after a bad hospital experience with my first.

A friend in work told me about Katherine Graves hypnobirthing and after looking on the web I invested in the books and cds. After studying the techniques and practising daily I decided to homebirth my son with hypobirthing and my lovely One To One midwife who supported me fully. I totally immersed myself in the self-hypnosis and when the time came for Samuel's journey into the world I was calm and confident and a completely different woman.

I had a magical homebirth, for the first 3 hours I lay on the couch in peace just breathing through the surges…my partner said I looked like I was asleep! Then I got into the pool and breathed my son into the world with no trauma. My midwife said she didn't even believe me at first when I said he was coming until she checked me and there was his head!! I want to thank you for helping me give birth to my son in such a wonderful way and I would like to help others to achieve the experience I had so am going to re-train as a hypobirth teacher" - Carol (Hypnobirthing Mum)

Frances and Munir

"I wanted to thank you in helping to transform an experience I was approaching with great trepidation into something beautiful and empowering.

You may remember that this is our second baby and I tore badly the first time. The medical advice was to have a c-section to avoid potentially long term consequences of tearing again.

It was only when we came to your course that it helped us to identify the real reason things had gone wrong the first time. In my first birth, we were progressing fine until we went to the hospital and then I suddenly stopped progressing. With the regular inspections telling us that things had slowed down, our stress increased and eventually we took up the advice to break the waters. This lead to rapid progress but I wasn’t able to push my baby out. Doctors came in and used forceps, and then I had to go into theatre for repair. The consequences were long-lasting. My son was for a short while traumatised by the experience, but eventually recovered from that after a few weeks. For me, when I became pregnant again I was terrified of going to hospital, of the loss of control, of doctors and of tearing, of progress slowing down. And the medical advice seemed clear - we should have a c-section.

Then we came to your course and for the first time things made sense. Maybe my progress had slowed because I was not in my home environment. And with each inspection telling me that I had stopped dilating my stress increased, and this compounded the problem. The midwife, who was lovely, suggested breaking my waters which sounded like the right thing to do, but of course my body was not ready - which lead to forceps being needed and damage to me.

Following your course, we challenged the medical advice - and when asked directly, the doctors conceded that there was in fact no medical basis for suggesting I should tear again. They were concerned, though about the possibility of slow progress. As were we, but we came to the opposite conclusion on how to tackle it. We decided, with the HypnoBirthing principles to guide us, that we would have a birth that was as stress-free as possible - which meant being at home, staying positive in the lead up, and avoiding any interventions whatsoever except where there was evidence to suggest it was necessary for my or my baby’s safety.

We did not have to wait long. We attended your course only two weeks before I gave birth. We quickly registered for a homebirth, and the midwives were very good about that. And we practised visualisations every day, and peppered our walls with affirmations and positive beliefs.

After two days of continuous practice surges, my labour started in earnest at 2am on Sunday 15th November. I stayed calm and relaxed, while my husband notified the midwives - we were in no hurry for them to arrive. They eventually decided that, even though we were calm, they should come over at 6am. My husband greeted them and explained that we were looking for minimal intervention - this was quite a testing discussion, and he was concerned that they would be offended. But after about an hour we developed a good rapport and they were fantastic - suggesting how my husband and I could support each other better, helping with visualisations a little but then disappearing into the background.

At 9am, the midwives changed. I had not let out a peep and so they suggested my first inspection. I agreed, and they were astonished that I was almost fully dilated already. The new midwives were just as fantastic at minimal intervention - only the occasional check on the baby’s heart. My husband was my only support, and the only support I needed. And then, at 11.00am, I let out my first sound as I felt the urge to push. Half an hour later, my waters broke. And at 12.47pm, Layla Florence entered the world, and without any tearing at all. An hour and a half later, the midwives were gone, and my husband and I were sat on our sofa drinking tea astonished at how quickly normality was resuming itself.

The whole experience has been so positive and so amazing. And we cannot overstate the effect your course had in guiding us to the right approach to deal with our concerns, rather than choosing an unnecessary c-section, or making the same mistakes again.

Thank you again - the course really made all of the difference in the end, much more than we had expected when we signed up".

Frances and Munir (Hypnobirthing Mum)

Seren Hourigan. Born at Home...Unexpectedly!

" WE'RE PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE.. ... the arrival of Seren at 7.49am this morning. A very rapid (and unexpected) home birth.  

Weighing in at 7 1/2 lbs" (Hypnobirthing Mum)

Now SO much happier about the forthcoming birth of our baby


Thank you so much for such a great weekend!

We are now SO much happier about the forthcoming birth of our baby and rather than being worried and scared about the unknown I can say without doubt we are now rather excited about it all".

Jo (Hypnobirthing Mum)

Announcing the arrival of Edward Francis


"...who was born at 7.06am on Friday March 19th 2010, weighing 7lbs, 8 ounces (3.4kg)

He is a very contented boy and his parents are delighted. All doing well.

Jane and Jay" (Hypnobirthing Mum)

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