Newborn Sleep Support in North Yorkshire

Sleep Support in the Fourth Trimester

This 1:1 Soothe, Settle and Sleep programme supports parents with soothing newborn's and unsettled babies.  A bespoke delivery will teach the skills of baby massage, swaddling techniques, baby yoga/movement and aromatherapy, promoting loving and nurturing touch.

I will guide you over three sessions, exploring why your baby may be unsettled and teaching you the techniques needed to Soothe and Settle. If your baby is colicky or windy, I am able to teach you gentle massage and movement techniques to relieve discomfort.

Soothe, Settle and Sleep Programme

As part of the Soothe, Settle and Sleep programme you will discover techniques, and explore the benefits of:

Baby Massage

Baby Reflexology

Baby Yoga 


Mindfulness Relaxation for Mum

Ongoing Email Support

The Nurture Pad, Newborn Sleep Support in North Yorkshire, gives you the confidence and knowledge of early parenting skills.  Over time, we will reflect on the success of the techniques used, adapting these to meet the needs of, you and, your baby.   

Soothe, Settle and Sleep Support Programme + Free Baby Massage

This is not a sleep training programme, however it will teach you respond to your baby's needs.   You will feel more confident when it comes to settling baby, and comfortable with your approach.

£90.00 for a 3-session programme (Approximately, 6 hours).  Full Baby Massage course, Parent Booklet's, guided meditation and relaxation included.  Ongoing email support

£40.00 for a single, one-to-one, consultancy & massage session. Ideal for colicky/windy and unsettled babies

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