New Baby & Me: Fourth Trimester Support

Learning to Meet the Needs of All

The Fourth Trimester (the period following birth, until 12-weeks-of-age) is now recognised as a unique, and special time for Mum, Baby and all the family. The New Baby & Me course, teaches loving and gentle techniques to parents in the postnatal period.  In these weekly meetings, you  will learn skills to nurture and support your newborn, and learn how to value your own health and wellness.

Through a range of techniques you will learn to soothe your newborn through massage, reflexology, gentle rocking and touch.  For particularly unsettled babies, and those in discomfort, newborn massage techniques can help relieve colic and wind, whilst feeding positions can help relieve mild reflux. 

Undertaken as either a bespoke-group workshop, or individual series of meet-up's, you will have the opportunity to discuss your experiences, share and learn.

New Baby & Me Content

Drawing from many years experience working with Newborns, Mum's & families, these tailored sessions will help you adjust to your new role, and baby adjust to the external world.  You will be introduced to different techniques that are soothing and settling for your newborn, and these will guide you to meet baby's needs. 

As an advocate of parenting instincts, I do not 'teach and preach', and as an independent practitioner I can inform you in a completely unbiased way.  My aim is to promote your confidence in parenting, offering you the chance to make an informed choice on how you want to parent. You will be encouraged to share your thoughts, concerns and explore your newborn's needs in a non-judgmental, supportive manner.   

As a fully trained Antenatal Educator and Baby Massage Instructor registered with FEDANT (The Federation of Antenatal Educators) for both Antenatal Support and Baby Massage, you can be assured that each workshop will be facilitated by a regulated, and well-qualified professional.   

Some of the techniques that may be introduced:  

  • Early care routines, such as bathing, feeding and sleep
  • Rocking and holding 
  • Swaddling and tucking 
  • Kangeroo Care/Slings 
  • Early Massage/Baby 
  • Reflexology Gentle Movements/Still Touch 
  • Fourth Trimester Support 
  • Tummy time 
  • Mindfulness in the Fourth Trimester
  • Complete Soothe, Settle and Sleep Programme

Course Details

The New Baby & Me, group workshops and support include's 6-hours of one-to-one support or support for groups of friends. Each postnatal session is baby-led, meaning you are encouraged to feed, soothe and tend to baby as, and when required.  My aim is for you to be able to relax, discuss your experiences, and learn from each other in an open and non-judgmental way. My approach values, and respects all parents and the choices they make, and I encourage parents to discuss the realities of parenting in a positive and proactive way*.

Please contact for further details - I am happy to have an informal chat to answer any questions or queries.  I have supported many parents who have requested support with their newborn, and it has literally changed their parenting experience for the better!

Group Workshops:  £60.00 (minimum 2-couples)

I can also tailor this course to be delivered on a 1:1/1:2 basis in your own home.  This is particularly useful if you require additional advice and guidance, and would like a more individualised approach.  As a 1:1 course, these sessions can be timetabled to suit your needs (and to include your partner if required), and can be

Individual Course: £120.00 (Delivered over 3 sessions)

*Today is the Best You Have to Give

Be Kind...Nurture Yourself & Other's

My success working with parent's is based on my belief that parenting can be done in many ways.  I genuinely do not define a 'good mum' or a 'bad mum' by the informed choices they make - I credit parent's with instinctively knowing how to best meet their baby's needs. From my experience, mum's need to be able to nurture their baby in a way that best meet's the needs of her baby, herself and the family.

Sadly, I have spoken to many mum's, confidentially, who feel unable to openly discuss their experiences of being a new mum.  For example, I know of mum's who 'pretend' (please excuse the terminology) to breastfeed, substituting breast milk for formula when bottle-feeding, but unable to share this even with their closest friend. Likewise, I have had mum's 'confess' (again, please excuse the terminology) to putting baby to sleep on tummy, and some who bed-share - both these practices are done worldwide,but not so much in our culture. On each occasion every mum has been well-informed, and chosen her parenting-style; she has, however, felt guilty for her choices and unable to share her realities to her peers.

I believe it is a really sad that, as mum's, we judge each other so harshly.  My groups are encouraged to be kind to each other, giving and receiving positivity, and forming long-lasting, open and supportive friendships.  With this in mind, I have included the following piece  as I am sure it resonates with many. You may have already come across it, and the author is unknown, but please take your time to read:

Love What Matters


To the mom who’s breastfeeding: Way to go! It really is an amazing gift to give your baby, for any amount of time that you can manage! You’re a good mom.

To the mom who’s formula feeding: Isn’t science amazing? To think there was a time when a baby with a mother who couldn’t produce enough would suffer, but now? Better living through chemistry! You’re a good mom.

To the cloth diapering mom: Fluffy bums are the cutest, and so friendly on the bank account. You’re a good mom.

To the disposable diapering mom: Damn those things hold a lot, and it’s excellent to not worry about leakage and laundry! You’re a good mom.

To the mom who stays home: I can imagine it isn’t easy doing what you do, but to spend those precious years with your babies must be amazing. You’re a good mom.

To the mom who works: It’s wonderful that you’re sticking to your career, you’re a positive role model for your children in so many ways, it’s fantastic. You’re a good mom.

To the mom who had to feed her kids from the drive thru all week because you’re too worn out to cook or go grocery shopping: You’re feeding your kids, and hey, I bet they aren’t complaining! Sometimes sanity can indeed be found in a red box with a big yellow M on it. You’re a good mom.

To the mom who gave her kids a home-cooked breakfast lunch and dinner for the past week: Excellent! Good nutrition is important, and they’re learning to enjoy healthy foods at an early age, a boon for the rest of their lives. You’re a good mom.

To the mom with the kids who are sitting quietly and using their manners in the fancy restaurant: Kudos, it takes a lot to maintain order with children in a place where they can’t run around. You’re a good mom.

To the mom with the toddler having a meltdown in the cereal aisle: they always seem to pick the most embarrassing places to lose their minds don’t they? We’ve all been through it. You’re a good mom.

Learning to Believe

 "Jen I am so grateful that we find you!! Your sensitive approach, positive comments and reassurance was exactly what we needed. I love how gentle and loving you were with my baby. Your observations and advice are very helpful for me and gave me confidence that what I am doing it right for me and my family. I am now really enjoying the precious time with my little one and the motherhood as a whole" (Parent) 

 "I really enjoyed the massage sessions with Jen. We started them when my baby was 7 weeks & he has really benefited from what we learnt. Because my baby was so young I was worried about him 'kicking off' in the session but Jen's layed back approach made us feel very relaxed. He loves his massages which we do daily! Thanks Jen". (Parent) 

 “I often think of you and will be always grateful to you that you reminded me to trust my own feelings and intuition…I am absolutely loving the time with my little one and enjoying every minute of it”  (Parent) 

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