The Positive Birth Movement in North Yorkshire

What is the Positive Birth Movement?

The Positive Birth Movement (PBM) is a global, free antenatal group, intended to support and inform women (and their families) in pregnancy, and beyond.  The aim of the PBM is to promote positivity, challenging the negativity surrounding birth and empowering women in their choices.

The PBM has over 250 groups in the UK, with many more in 44 different countries worldwide.   By PBM definition, a woman has a positive birth, when a,

" ...woman feels she has freedom of choice, access to accurate information, and that she is in control, powerful and respected. A birth that she approaches, perhaps with some trepidation, but without fear or dread, and that she then goes on to enjoy, and later remember with warmth and pride" (PBM, 2018)

Importantly, a positive birth does not have to be natural, with no medical intervention.  A Positive Birth covers the whole 'birthing spectrum', including caesarean's, high-intervention births, home births and free-births.  For the PBM, no birth-choice is 'better' than another, and there is no 'right way'. ALL births can be positive, woman-centered and based on choice, shared wisdom and empowerment.  Read more...

What is a PBM Group?

A PBM group is a great, original approach to Antenatal Education and is an opportunity for pregnant woman to come together, to share and to learn from each other.

Each local PBM meet-up is based around a theme, and each theme is an aspect of pregnancy and birth that is important to women.  PBM group's are welcoming, non-judgmental, open and accepting.  The group aims to become an important tool to empower women in pregnancy and birth choices.  The group is a way to meet other women, form friendships, find support and share experiences.

PBM meet-up's complement a whole range of different Antenatal classes, including Hypnobirthing, NCT and your local NHS class.  The PBM does not tell women 'how' to birth and 'how' to parent, the group provides choice and support.

My Role as Facilitator in the PBM

I am proud to facilitate two monthly groups for Positive Birth Movement in North Yorkshire.  As a PBM facilitator, my role is not to teach, lecture or 'run' the group.  My role is to make it possible for women to get together in pregnancy, birth and early parenting. The group meet-up's are not a traditional antenatal class, but a safe and welcoming space where all women are seen as experts in their own pregnancies, and own experiences.  

In the same way the PBM groups are intended to complement your existing Antenatal education, as a PBM facilitator, I provide pregnant women with the opportunity to confidently explore and challenge negative assumptions surrounding birth.

For me, the PBM local groups add depth and colour to your antenatal education.  As facilitator, it is my role to support you on your journey of discovery in pregnancy.  The PBM provides a safe place to explore your own approach to pregnancy and birth, learn from other's and to help you make empowered choices.

Positive Birth Movement in Our Area

How to Access a Local PBM Group & Resources

The PBM has a wide network of support in the UK and worldwide, and each group is listed in the PBM Group Directory, and on the PBM website.    Accessing the PBM Group directory will enable you to find locations, times and contact details of your local PBM meet-up.

The founder of the PBM, Milli Hill is a well-known author, writing for several, highly regarded publications and also author of The Positive Birth Book: A New Approach to Pregnancy, Birth and  the Early Weeks. 

Positive Birth Movement in Yarm, Stokesley and Northallerton

I facilitate the Northallerton, Yarm and Stokesley PBM Group in two locations in North Yorkshire, and warmly invite you to our regular meetings at The Hub, in Hutton Rudby, Nr Middlesbrough.  Currently held once a month, on a Wednesday morning, I encourage all who are interested to contact me or pop by.  Dates and times of meet-up's are available on our local Facebook Page

Positive Birth Movement in Ripon, Masham and Thirsk

Any pregnant woman, or new mum and their family are welcome to attend the PBM groups, I facilitate.  Held once-a-month, again, on a Wednesday the PBM Ripon, Masham and Thirsk group is accessible to women from the Harrogate area, North Yorkshire.  Up-to-date times, venues are on our Facebook Page, but please get in touch for a chat or for further information.

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