Parent Confidence Antenatal Classes

Parent Confidence Antenatal Class

This is a 4-session antenatal course designed to build confidence in responding to your newborns needs with sensitivity.  These workshop-style sessions will help you to prepare, and adjust, for parenthood without judgment and respects the differences in parenting choices. Delivered as a relaxed, informative, open and honest sessions, you will be better prepared to adopt your preferred parenting approach. 

This workshop will answer many 'Google' questions, in a practical and individualised way.  By the end of the workshop you will feel better equipped to face the challenges that come with a newborn, and being a parent.

As an expectant Mama, you are entitled to paid time-off for antenatal care. This workshop can be considered as essential care.

Antenatal Classes in London, SE16, Brighton and Eastbourne

Structure and Content of the Workshop

These 4 x 2 hour workshops will give you the opportunity to meet other parents-to-be and learn practical, caring techniques for your newborn. You will learn how to meet your newborns needs through confidence-boosting, settling techniques, and discussion of everyday, practical care routines. The course includes:

  • Information and discussion on the transition from the third to the fourth trimester. 
  • Learning techniques to promote sleep, soothe crying and boosting baby's cognitive awareness
  • Learning, watching and responding to baby's cues
  • Understanding Newborn Stimulation - knowing when to stimulate and when to calm
  • Basics of baby massage strokes, easing colic, constipation and fretfulness
  • Learning ways to calm, soothe and relax baby using instinctive and gentle techniques
  • Information and discussion around everyday care routines, including feeding, bathing and sleeping
  • Myth busting


Parent Confidence Course Details

Our Antenatal and Parent Confidence Classes are a must for all new parents. By the end of this course, you will be more confident in meeting many of your newborn's needs. 

You will learn the skills of newborn massage techniques, soothing and calming, and reading your baby's cues. Everyday care routines, such as bathing, nappy-changing and feeding are discussed, and demonstrated in a non-judgmental and supportive manner.

These courses are delivered at The Hop Garden Farm, Dallington where you will be able to relax in comfort whilst you learn.

Cost of Group Workshop (per couple): ONLY £65.00 

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