Antenatal & Postnatal Parent Confidence Workshops

Parent Confidence Antenatal Workshop

What to learn everyday parenting skills with a newborn and Early Year's Specialist? 

This informal, 3-hour antenatal or postnatal workshop has been designed to build confidence when responding to your newborns needs.  With a combination of discussion and hands-on practice, parents-to-be will get to explore everyday care routines, and begin to understand how to help your baby settle to life outside of the womb. 

The purpose of the Parent Confidence Antenatal Workshop is to share the many ways you can nurture your newborn with confidence and love.  I believe with realistic expectations, and increased confidence, parenting in the very early days can be straightforward for most.  The early days will be tiring, challenging, and at times overwhelming, but they can also be the most rewarding, calm and fulfilling experience.  My aim with the Halcyon Parent Confidence Workshop is to work with you so you can achieve some periods of Halcyon in the early days. 

I absolutely love working with parents, newborns and young babies - for me, a newborn is the most amazing miracle. Due to our modern-day pressures and lifestyles, many parents I work with report feelings of guilt and feelings of inadequacy.  Mother Nature did not design the process to do this, and the most recent research is showing we need to take a different approach.  As an independent practitioner, I am able to approach newborn care with no bias and from an objective standpoint. Consequently, I can help you to enjoy the early days, your way.  My aim is to present the most up-to-date, evidence-based findings that promote parental choice and support baby's optimum neurological development.

The Halcyon Parenting workshop also includes a comprehensive Soothe, Settle and Sleep programme to introduce techniques for calming unsettled newborns. Combining gentle soothing, newborn massage, baby reflexology and aromatherapy, this is an invaluable resource. 

As an expectant Mum, you are entitled to paid time-off for antenatal care. This workshop can be considered as essential care.

Structure & Content of the Workshop's

This workshop will give you the opportunity to meet other parents-to-be and learn practical, caring techniques for your newborn. You will learn how to meet your newborns needs through confidence-boosting, settling techniques, and discussion of everyday, practical care routines. Some areas explored are:

  • Information and discussion on the transition from the third to the fourth trimester. 
  • Learning techniques to promote sleep, soothe crying and boosting baby's cognitive awareness
  • Learning, watching and responding to baby's cues
  • Understanding Newborn Stimulation - knowing when to stimulate and when to calm
  • Basics of baby massage strokes, easing colic, constipation and fretfulness
  • Learning ways to calm, soothe and relax baby using instinctive and gentle techniques
  • Information and discussion around everyday care routines, including feeding, bathing and sleeping
  • Myth busting

The Antenatal Parent Confidence workshop can be taken as:

Private, 1:1 Workshops with you and your partner.

Bespoke Sessions for groups in your own home.  Great for friends who are pregnant together, or groups of friends who a new parents

Parent Confidence Workshop Details

The Halcyon Antenatal & Postnatal Parent Confidence workshops are a must for all parents-to-be in pregnancy and these techniques have shown the amazing results. By the end of this course, you will be more confident in meeting many of your newborn's needs, have a clearer idea of how you want to parent, and better understanding.  

The Baby Confidence workshop will help you to prepare and adjust for parenthood and designed to inform, and empower you. As the workshop is held in your own home, or as a bespoke group session, content will be prepared to address the area's you need support with.  A fab, Baby Shower present.

You will learn the skills of newborn massage techniques, soothing and calming, and reading your baby's cues. Everyday care routines, such as bathing, nappy-changing and feeding are discussed, and demonstrated in a non-judgmental and supportive manner.

Cost of Group, Bespoke Parent Confidence Workshop (per couple): £50.00 (minimum 3 couples).

Cost of 1:1, Private Parent Confidence Workshop (per couple): £95.00