Nurture Pad Consultancy for Newborns

Newborn and Sleep Consultancy in London SE16, Brighton and Eastourne.  Support across East Sussex

Learning to Meet your Newborn's Needs

The Nurture Pad Consultancy Service teaches nurturing techniques to parents in the prenatal, and antenatal period.  You will learn skills to nurture and support your newborn as they adjust to life outside of the womb.

Through a range of techniques you will learn to soothe your newborn through newborn massage, gentle rocking and touch.  For unsettled babies, and those in discomfort, newborn massage for gas helps relieve colic and wind.  

Newborn and Sleep Consultancy in London SE16, Brighton and Eastourne.  Support across East Sussex


The Nurture Pad consultancy sessions teach soothing and settling techniques to new parents.  Each session will provide reassurance and guidance, both in pregnancy and following birth. Delivered on an individual basis, they are suitable in pregnancy, preparing for birth and in the early antenatal period.

Drawing from many years experience working with Newborns, Mama's & families, these bespoke sessions will help you adjust to your new role, and baby adjust to the external world.  Following individual observations and discussion, you will be introduced to different techniques that are soothing and settling. These techniques will guide you on how best to meet baby's needs, promoting confidence and informed choice. You will be encouraged to share your thoughts, concerns and explore your newborn's needs in a non-judgmental, supportive manner.   

As a fully trained Antenatal Educator and Baby Massage Instructor registered with FEDANT (The Federation of Antenatal Educators) for both Antenatal Support and Baby Massage, you can be assured that each consultation will be facilitated by a regulated, and well-qualified professional.   

Some of the techniques that may be introduced:  

  • Early care routines, such as bathing, feeding and sleep
  • Rocking and holding 
  • Swaddling and tucking 
  • Kangeroo Care/Slings 
  • Early Massage/Baby 
  • Reflexology Gentle Movements/Still Touch 
  • Fourth Trimester Support 
  • Tummy time 

Newborn and Sleep Consultancy in London SE16, Brighton and Eastourne.  Support across East Sussex

Consultancy Details

Antenatal Consultation:

The time we spend together over this period will enable you to discuss your thoughts, feelings and expectations about the birth and the early days of parenting.  I will help you plan your early days, making sure Mama and Baby have time to get-to-know each other, promoting bonding and teaching baby cue-reading.

Postnatal Consultation

An initial consultation will include a 2-hour observation of baby, discussion and support.  Together we will plan how to meet Mama's and Baby's needs at this time of transition.

A series, or ad-hoc, further sessions can be booked to promote continuity, confidence and wellness.

All parents employing my Newborn Consultancy services will have ongoing email support.  Individual and family wellness planning up until the end of the 4th trimester is included.

Cost of Initial Consultancy (Approx. 2 hours)

£70.00 for:

  • Antenatal & Postnatal Wellness Planning
  • Access to the full Soothe, Settle and Sleep Consultanty Programme
  • The Nurture Pad Newborn Nurture Resource pack
  • Ongoing email/Skype support until the end of the 4th trimester 

Please contact for further details - I am happy to have an informal chat to answer any questions or queries.

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