The Nurture Pad Approach

Nurturing in Pregnancy & Beyond

Hello, I am Jen, and I have formed The Nurture Pad to help make your journey through the early days of pregnancy and parenting more fulfilling, happier, and ultimately, easier.   I offer a laid-back, informed approach that is open-minded, 

fun and engaging.

I am here to support, guide and be a trusted, and reliable source of information. With loads of experience working with Mum's, babies, families and partners, I can confidently respond to your needs in pregnancy, birth, the early and the early days of parenting.

Right from early pregnancy, your role as a parent adds a new dimension to your life. With fun, excitement and new aspirations, the impact of your new arrival cannot be underestimated.  Parenting can be joyous, awe-inspiring and one of the most fulfilling experiences.  It can also be challenging, confusing and not quite how you thought it would be!  

I have been working with parents, babies and children for over 30 years.  As a Mum to 4, I understand the ups-and-downs of parenting, and know how to 'ride-the-waves'.

Here,at the Nurture Pad, I take a holistic approach to health, development and well-being for parents, babies and children.  I also take a pragmatic, but considered approach.  I believe by:

  • Nurturing yourself
  • Nurturing your baby and children
  • Nurturing your family
  • Nurturing your relationship

You can face parenting challenges better equipped.  

With qualifications and experience in Early Years Childcare, Maternity Nursing, Teaching, Antenatal Education, Hypnobirthing, Baby Massage and Soothe, Settle and Sleep Consultancy,  We formed The Nurture Pad to ensure parent have access to ongoing, reliable support and care.

I am a registered Antenatal Educator with the Federation of Antenatal Educators, KG Hypnobirthing Trained and a registered member of the Complementary  Therapists Association.  As a psychology graduates, trained Primary and Secondary School teacher's and experienced Lecturers, development and learning is at centre of all that we do.

Over the years, I have worked in a range of roles to include:

  • Hypnobirthing Practitioner
  • Antenatal Educator
  • Infant massage Instructor
  • Newborn Nurture Specialist
  • Early Years Practitioner and Specialist
  • Maternity Nurse
  • Nanny and Night Nanny
  • Primary School Teacher
  • Lecturer and Trainer in Childcare and Education
  • Early Years Consultant
  • Parenting Education and Support
  • Soothe, Settle and Sleep Consultancy
  • Mental Health Care Support Worker

Through my experiences, and with a passion for understanding human behaviour, I love to help a family become, the family they want to be. I respect and value all your differences, guiding but not directing.

Membership & Accreditation


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