Hypnobirthing at The Nurture Pad

Three-Hour Hypnobirth Workshop

This 3-hour workshop is perfect for couples at any stage in pregnancy and complements the Nurture Pad Full KG Hypnobirthing Programme,

This workshop complements all other Antenatal Courses, including NCT and NHS.

This three-hour workshop is particularly useful if you:

  • Are not sure whether Hypnobirthing is for you and want to learn how it works before enrolling on a full course
  • You have just discovered you are pregnant, and want to know how Hypnobirthing can help you throughout your pregnancy and birth
  • Progressing through pregnancy, and undecided on your approach to birth and preparing for parenting
  • Feel you are lacking information about pregnancy, birth and the early days
  • Are anxious, nervous or fearful of birth, and the early days of being a Mama
  • Coming towards the end of your pregnancy and need a quick, but thorough introduction to Hypnobirthing
  • This is your second, third or fourth child and you want a recap, or a gentle reminder of Hypnobirthing techniques
  • You want to learn from the experiences of other pregnant couples, take the time to connect, learn new birthing techniques and relax in welcoming surroundings.  

Whatever your reasons, I know you will enjoy the time at this workshop, whilst learning new techniques for birth and the early days.

This workshop is considered as an Antenatal course and therefore you are entitled to paid time-off work to attend.

Content & Structure

This afternoon, Hypnobirthing workshop is perfect for couples preparing for birth and parenting. The workshop welcomes couples at all stages of pregnancy.  

During the workshop you will be taught basic Hypnobirthing and Mindfulness techniques for birth;   You will be introduced to the Hypnobirthing and Mindfulness techniques of:

Relaxation for Birth
Breathing Techniques
Positive Thinking

Great for all stages of pregnancy.  It is never too early to learn the skills of Hypnobirthing


The Three-hour, Hypnobirthing sessions take place on a Friday afternoon, making them an ideal way to start the weekend!  

You will learn the essential techniques of Hypnobirthing and Mindful Practice. This workshop give you the opportunity to consider a health and wellness plan to assist in the transition to being a Mama

The 3-hour, group Antenatal Birth Preparation is held on a Friday afternoon at The Hop Garden Farm.  A perfect start to the weekend! Tea, coffee, cake and chat at Hop Garden Farm, Dallington.

Cost: Only £60.00


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