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Congratulations & Welcome to Halcyon Hypnobirthing©

Congratulations, and welcome to a new, powerful and easy approach to health and happiness in pregnancy and birth . Halcyon Hypnbirthing is the region's premier provider for Hypnobirthing, Active Birthing and birth preparation for a calm, confident and comfortable birth.   If you are looking for a holistic and complementary approach to achieving the birth experience of YOUR choice, Halcyon Hypnobirthing can help you birth your way!

Offering a full range of support and guidance, Halcyon Hypnobirthing is here for you, through pregnancy, birth and beyond. Serving the beautiful North Yorkshire and County Durham my services are easily accessible from:



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When choosing support and guidance in pregnancy it is important you feel comfortable, relaxed and well-informed.  There are many different approaches to pregnancy, birth and parenting and The Halycon Hypnobirthing approach is based on choice, health and wellness.  This unique approach incorporates the latest thinking for an easy, powerful and achievable birth, based on the best outcomes for mum and baby. By definition, Halycon Days are a period of peace, calm and undisturbed pleasure, in a safe and nurturing environment - I am here to help you achieve this.

As your parenting journey begins and you prepare for Halycon Days, you need to enjoy the time you spend learning the skills and techniques for positive pregnancy, birth and early parenting experiences. Deciding on your choice of Antenatal and Birth support should inspire, inform and guide you. I encourage all to ask questions, explore your options and to go with your instincts. It is your birth, to be done your way.

I am a member of the highly-regarded, KG Hypnobirthing Association, The Federation of Antenatal Educators and the International Institute for Complementary Therapists.  I am a psychology graduate, with qualifications and experience in Hypnosis for Pregnancy, Neuro-linguistic Programming, CBT and Mindfulness.  My KG Hypnobirthing training and Baby Massage training is accredited by the Royal College of Midwives, ensuring the highest standards of training and care in pregnancy and birth.  Reflecting my passion for supporting and guiding all in pregnancy, birth and the Early Days of Parenting, I facilitate FREE antenatal and postnatal meet-up's with The Positive Birth Movement and Blossom & Berry.

Having worked with parents, carers, babies, children and other professionals for over 30-years, I have guided and supported hundreds of people to be the carers and parents they aspire to be. My passion, experiences, training, knowledge and understanding all form part of my caring, nurturing, and holistic approach to helping your family grow and develop in pregnancy and birth.

New Treatment's & Services

Prenatal Massage, Reflexology, Aromatherapy and More.

I am really excited to announce a venture I have been working on for a long time, and fit's beautifully with my Antenatal Services, Hypnobirthing and Parent Support.  

As a fully qualified Prenatal (Pregnancy) Massage Therapist, Reflexologist, Aromatherapist and Holistic Therapist I am now offering quality treatment's at my Treatment Room, Hutton Rudby.

Launching  at the beginning of July 2018, I will be offering all you Mama-to-Be fab, relaxing and health-promoting treatments to include:

Alongside these services will be fantastic natural, nourishing & nurturing pregnancy and birth products.   

More information here, or please contact me. I look forward to hearing from you x

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I love to get to know my Mum's, Partner's & Babies. Please feel free to contact me for an appointment to discuss how I can meet your needs.

Pregnancy, birth and parenting can seem overwhelming and an emotional roller-coaster.  It does not need to be, and together we can tailor an approach to support your physical and emotional needs.  With my support and guidance, you will be comfortable with your choices, well-informed and empowered.

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